Generators Information

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Welcome to A site dedicated to arming consumers with the information they need to research and select the portable generator that best fits their needs.

To start, a good background introduction is in order about power generators. There are two general types of electric power generators.


  1. Standby Power Generators. These are larger power generators, and typically are 10,000 watts or higher. They are designed to be permanently installed, and require a professional electrician to setup. Standby generators are significantly higher in price range than portable generators, and require more complex installation. However they do offer features not available on portable generators, such as automatic switch over from land power to generator power in the case of an outage. For example, a 10,000 watt standby generator will typically range from $5000 to $8000 installed, while a 10,000watt portable generator will range from $1000 to $2000. for most residential backup use, and many commercial usages, standby generators – though offer great features, are too pricey for the added conveniences.
  2. Portable Power Generators. These generators are typically 15,000 watt or less and are light enough to either carry or push on wheels. Although most portable generators are open-frame units, many manufacturers are now introducing close-frame units that provide for a more quite operation, and frankly just look a lot better.

This website will focus on portable generators.


Portable generators offer most everything you would need for home backup, RV & camping use, or commercial jobsite use, in a smaller and more cost-effective package.


Generators Information