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Before you start comparing models or shopping prices, we highly recommend to first identify your power needs. This helps you select the portable generator that is right for you. You may start by using our Wattage Calculator to calculate power needs. You can then you can select the category of portable generators you may need to buy.

To do so, start by looking around your home and figure out which appliances or gadgets you really must have when the power goes out. Write down everything that uses power, and put them into 2 groups:

1.    Must-have items (like your fridge and lights)
2.    Would-like-to-have items (like a dishwasher)

Once you've done this, use our wattage calculator to total up total power needed.



  Appliance Power Quantity Total power

Total Power For All Appliances :    Watts

TIP: look at the manufacturer's label on your appliance for most accurate ratings.
Watts = amps x 120v (for 120v appliances)

* The information provided on this page is for reference only, and should be verified with actual ratings on your appliances.

Important Note: Appliances with electric motors (like a well pump) will have a high surge ratings. Please review your manufacturer's label for details



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